What is Our 4 Step SEO Process?

How Search Engine Optimization is done is usually the first question we get from prospective clients. Savvy business owners understand that not all SEOs are created equally and results are dictated as much by process are they are by content. So we boiled down our 4 Step SEO Process below.

How We Do It:

Our first goal is to develop an understanding of the nature of your business. This requires dialogue with the stakeholders. There is no process more important than this one. After all, it is your business, your life. So, here is a little bit About Alpharetta SEO and our approach.

About Alpharetta SEO's 4 Step SEO Process

Step 1 = Learn

How involved in the day-to-day aspects of your Search Engine Optimization would you like to be? Is there someone with basic WordPress skills available on your team? Can you help us learn some basic terminology for your industry? This is just a few things we need to know.

Step 2 = Analyze

Now we need to analyze what your industry is doing online and what your goals are for your site. Do you want a cart for immediate online fulfillment? Are your products such that a longer more consultative sales process is required? Then, what  keywords do we need to try to rank for? What content is truly valuable?

About Alpharetta SEO's 4 Step SEO Process

Step  3 = Create

After learning and analyzing, it is time to create some content. That might be rich cornerstone type blog posts with great industry specific imagery. Possibly this means cool “how-to” type You Tube videos. We will know these specifics as the process unfolds.

Step 4 = Execute

It is generally accepted that no business plan survives contact with the market place. Nevertheless, it is our goal to drive the execution of your general online marketing strategy across all the relevant platforms.

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